Gold Thread Recipients


The annual awards recognize those individuals who, on a local and/or regional level, have given freely of

their time and talents to best exemplify the purpose of this organization: to foster the highest standards of

excellence in the practice of the art of embroidery through an active program of education and study”

The award's name changed in 2004.

Educator of the Year Award (1992-2003)

1992 Kay Strong, Molly Pitcher Stitchers Chapter

1993 None

1994 Mary Dick Digges

1995 Regina Walter, Washington DC Chapter

1996 None

1997 Judy Jeroy, Tidewater, VA Chapter

1998 Elizabeth Graff, Hagerstown Chapter

1999 Marjorie Jones, Eastern Shore Maryland Chapter

2000 Ruth Levy, Princeton Chapter

2001 Lorrie Nelson, Hagerstown

2002 Cathy Broderson, Tidewater Chapter

2003 Christine Folmar, Wyoming Valley Chapter

Gold Thread Award (2004-

2004 Jean Jones, Lehigh Valley Chapter

2005 Tanis Geho (now Tanis Varcoe), Lehigh and Bucks Chapters

2006 Charlotte Froman, Colonial West Jersey Chapter

2007 Anne W. Booske, Red Rose Chapter

2008 Betty Whiting Flemming, Washington DC Chapter

2009 None

2010 Canby Robertson

2011 Carol Williams, Colonial West Jersey Chapter

2012 Betsy Morgan, Oatlands Chapter

2013 Marie Campbell, Huntingdon Chapter

2014 AliceRae Kutish, Wyoming Valley Chapter

2015 Cheryl Sharp, Washington D.C. Chapter

2016 Elizabeth Day, Colonial West Jersey

2017 Catherine Jordan, Gentle Pursuits of Richmond Chapter

2018 None

2019 -- Leslie Carson, Constellation Chapter

2020 -- Judy Herrick, Molly Pitcher Stitchers Chapter

2021 -- Chris Folmar, Wyoming Valley Chapter

"The criteria for determining the awards include the following:

1. The contributions to growth of embroidery education at a local and/or region level.

2. The nature and extent of service at a local and/or region level."

From the Policy Manual: "These awards shall recognize those outstanding members who, on a local and/or region level, best exemplify the purpose of EGA."